Jets Football Game

Monday, September 14, 2020
Football season is in full swing and we've been playing double headers ever since the season began. The weather this past weekend though was way better than pasts and it's starting to cool off in the great state of Texas and by cool off I mean not 100 degrees! Hello September, we welcome you and the cooler weather. Jacob played great and had two interceptions the first game and a couple of touchdowns. They ended the day with one win and one loss. We are now half way through the season which is just crazy to me, it feels like we just started. I guess I should bust out the Fall decor before Christmas comes upon us!
Football Football

We finished just in time.. those storm clouds were totally showing us who's boss. I'm just thankful the rain held off until we got home. I didn't mind the wind one bit. 

Football Football Football Football

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